Mama Bear Decal

This decal is perfect for personalizing or adding a fun touch to your belongings. It can be applied to any hard, smooth, and non-porous surface. The possibilities are endless; computers, iPads, car windows, drink ware (hand wash only and recommended to use 651), walls, wood and so much more. **Please note that there are some surfaces that vinyl will not stick to such as rubberized plastics, silicone, canvas and surfaces with rough textures.**


Note: Exposure to harsh elements or chemicals for extended periods will shorten the life expectancy of almost any product.


Picture is for reference only.



• Removable but not reusable

• 3" x 3" or 5" x 6" *Sizes are approximate


• Clean the surface with a lint free cloth removing fingerprints and dust

• Carefully remove paper backing

• Align decal on surface

• Starting from the middle, slide the credit card to one side then the other across the surface removing bubbles

• Slowly and carefully peal transfer tape away at a 180 degree angle.