Luxury Bath Soaks

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A gentle mix of Epsom Salts, Sea Salts & Oats, Blended with Dried Juniper Berries & Dried Calendula, Infused with May Chang, Juniper, Frankincense & Tea Tree Essential Oils. Add a small amount to your bath for a truly extraordinary bath experience. The oats are great for itchy or sensitive skin and acts as a milk in the bath whilst the Essential Oils give an incredible aromatic and holistic experience. Oats have a very gentle soothing effect. They have been used for centuries to aid the relief of eczema, sunburn and chicken pox and is said to work well as a natural emollient. Both Sea salt and Epsom salts are great sources of magnesium, And as our bodies do not naturally produce magnesium, adding this to the bath is a great way of absorbing this greatness. This bath blend is and excellent way to remove toxins from the body whilst adding luxury to the bath experience.