Himalayan Salt Candle Holders


Make the decor of your house or your workplace eye catching with this beautiful pink
Himalayan Salt Candle Holder, While providing a relaxing and calm environment.
These salt Holders will provide a relaxing and calm environment for you to sit back and unwind tensions and stress from the daily routine.
The glowing light of orange and yellow gives a serene feeling. Enhance the decor of your house, with the different shape and size of this impressive Holder.
Salt Holders not only purify the air around you but also give a feeling of mental relaxation and stability.
Place this Holder in your room for improved sleep. Having this at your workstation will boost your work performance due to the positive energy in the environment.
Whichever place it may be, Himalayan Salt holders can be the finest choice for your home decor and your well-being.

What is a Salt holder?
Real Himalayan salt holders are hand chiseled solid blocks of ancient crystal salts like this. They have a beautiful pink color, often pinkish orange,
due to the high concentration of trace minerals contained within the salt. Inside the hollowed out middle of the salt rock is a place for a tea candle to generate both light and heat.