Gourmet Sea Salt, Blended Sea Salt in Mini Jar

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Hand made flavored sea salt comes in a fantastic mini snap top glass jar with wood spoon, pretty enough to leave out on the counter or table. It's a terrific gift for the chef or foodie in your life or as a unique wedding and party favor! The perfect addition to so many recipes, Flavored Sea Salt is an essential seasoning that adds zest and life to all your cooking.

Medium coarse ground sea salt is blended with natural flavorings and comes in a terrific little jar that can be used again and again. Add to meat and fish, in soups and stews, roasted vegetables and salads. Delicious sprinkled over cucumber slices or popcorn. Comes with serving suggestions.

Each glass jar is 3-3/8" high by 1-3/4" wide and holds approximately 2.5 ounces. They can be used again for candy, seasonings, spices, or bath salts. The glass jar is a hinged top style with white rubber gasket and metal locking device. Please note that the wood spoon style may vary.

*** This listing is for 1 jar of sea salt with wooden spoon.***

FLAVORS: - Basil - Cayenne Pepper Lime - Ancho Chili Smoked Paprika - Cilantro Lime - Cilantro Mexican Oregano - Dill - Ginger - Ginger Lime - Lavender Rosemary Thyme - Lavender Vanilla Fennel - Lemon Basil - Lemon Sage - Lemongrass Chili - Rosemary Citrus - Scotch Bonnet Pepper - Sriracha - 21 Spice - Jamaican Jerk