Drive Away Salts /Black Salt - Banishing Drive Away

Witches Black salt has been used down through magical history for protection and to drive away negative energy. Also known as Drive Away Salt for it's ability to reverse dark magic sent your way. Black Salt with an added energetic punch of White Sage adds that extra boost of cleaning and protection.
As a practicing witch, I can tell you that we use tons of salt
in our shop, work space and our homes!
Our black salt is not merely dyed black as some do,
and it is not culinary black salt that some gourmet cooks use....

Our Black salt has been ritually prepared in the old tradition!
We char protective herbs and hard woods in an open fire pit,
collect the ashes and mix with a blend of natural sea and kosher salt,
before ritually blessing and packaging the product for sale.

Jinx removing; keeps away evil forces and bad neighbors. If one walks
on Black Salt, they will become dissatisfied with the place where the
black salt was placed and will want to move away from that area.

Sprinkle Black Salt around the outside of your home, across your
doorstep, sprinkle around your work area, or any other place where you
want to keep enemies away.

Sold as a Curio ONLY...
No magickal results are given, implied or guaranteed