Don't Be A Salty Vinyl Decal

Don't Be A Salty Bitch Vinyl Decal 


 Looks amazing on vehicles, laptops, yeti cups and much more! Makes a great gift idea! 

Design Material: Oracal 651 Exterior Vinyl

Design SizE 5by5



Vinyl is removable but cannot be re-applied once removed.  Not recommended for interior walls or porous surfaces.  Waterproof and long-lasting (multiple years) out in the elements.  Vinyl decal does not have a background, you transfer the decal from its backing tape(included) onto your destination object.  Any background color in the images are for example purposes only, the actual background color will be the material you apply the decal to.


Very easy to apply, will ship with application instructions.  Only object needed is something flat and hard like a credit card to smooth decal onto surface.  Transfer tape is included to ensure design does not shift or move upon application.