Crystal Candle / Rose & Clear Quartz / Crystal

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Master Healer Handmade Crystal Candle blended with Rose Essential Oils with Clear Quartz Crystals topped off with Dried Rose Petals and Silver Sparkle, set in a small silver tin with a clear lid. Benefits of Clear Quartz & Rose Essential Oil candles: Burning rose oil is said to boost confidence and fight depression. As well as having a sweet floral aroma rose oil it brings balance and harmony. Clear Quartz Crystals are said to be the most powerful crystals. Named Master Healer it releases negative energies and cleansed body and mind. The perfect gift for students, office gift, Christmas gift for coworker, gift for mum, gift for hostess, gift for girlfriend, or gift for daughter. A beautiful gift for any moon child or soul sister.  Crystal Healing properties listed are for spiritual support and do not declare any medical or health claims.