Crazy love Soap

You Natural-Moisturizing-Aromatic Our soaps have a clean fresh aromatic scent. You get a nice full rich lather and the natural moisturizers leave you feeling soft and fresh. Many people use them on their hair instead of shampoo. This should leave your hair feeling healthy and with less frizz. They are completely safe to use for almost anyone, even people with sensitive skin. Our soaps are made to be a natural alternative to commercially made soap. We use the best ingredients for the best outcome. No harmful chemicals or preservatives. I can easily get 3 to 4 weeks of use out of a bar. We recommend using a soap stand so it's not sitting in water between uses. We also have many people that keep 2 or 3 bar on the bathroom counter to enjoy the aromatic fragrance that fills the room for weeks.  Organic Shea Butter,Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Hemp Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide. Some soaps also contain:*Fragrance*Sea Salt*Juniper Berries*Ground Oatmeal* Rose PetalsColorant.*Activated Charcoal And can also be made Vegan or with Goats milk and/or Greek Yogurt.