Car Perfume Pendant Ornaments Hanging Fragrance Oil Bottle Car Air Freshener Ornaments Interior Decoration

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1, advanced car aroma series, 100% pure essential oils, do not contain alcohol
2, high-quality raw materials, individuality, pure flavor
3, suspension design, elegant and stylish.
4, the unique wooden sud scattered incense technology, scattered incense lasting fragrance for up to 120 days.
5, quasi-green packaging, green and healthy.
6, five kinds of flavor: rose, lemon, ocean, apple, jasmine
Product Usage :
1. Wide use, pure flavor lasting, moisturizing, skin care, does not stimulate;
2. Can be hung in bags, handbags and other ornaments as fragrance;
3. As can be hung on the car ornaments car perfume;
4. can be hung in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, domestic aromatherapy as ornaments;
5. hanging in the wardrobe as dress incense ornaments