Apple Sample Pack Wax Melt

Mountain View Candle Works wax melts work great in all burners!


You are purchasing 1- clam shell container of 6 wax melt tarts in EACH of the 3 fragrances mentioned above (3 Clam Shells total). Each cube is 1" x 1" and the total amount of wax in each clam shell is ~3.5 oz.



All of our wax melts are hand-poured in our home. We use only 100% natural soy wax and none of our melts feature additives. Ashka Candles and wax melts give a fantastic hot and cold scent throw. Our soy wax also helps our tarts to keep their fragrance longer. When your melt no longer smells you can pop the wax out of your burner tray (freezing it for a half hour first makes this much easier). A quick wash with soap and water and you are ready for a new fragrance melt! If you're ready to have a new favorite brand of candles and wax melts give us a try!