Our company

Mountain View Candle Works has been handcrafting candles since 2010. All the candles we sell are made in the USA in our Home in Pulaski Virginia. Whether you are shopping for pillar candles, votive candles, floating candles, wax luminaries or just fun decorative candles we design and make them all right here. For home fragrance, banquet candles, wedding candles or simply romantic candlelight we have just what you are looking for. Buy our candles with confidence. We will match our quality and value with anyone on planet earth!

What makes a candle great? It’s about commitment to quality.

Commitment to quality means using the best ingredients available. Clean burning, highly refined waxes; tightly woven cotton wick; finely manufactured dyes produce vibrant stable color and superior fragrance oils to project a rich aroma.

Commitment to quality means creativity. We develop proprietary original designs and molds for shapes both beautiful and functional. Our colors reflect our attention to contemporary trends with absolutely wonderful fragrance or no fragrance at all.

Commitment to quality means craftsmanship at the hands of skilled artisans because experienced hands, not machines, pour wax with precision. Careful eyes watch small details as each candle is finished because we know that your gift reflects your careful choice and your special event reflects your sense of style.

Candlelight is a part of home decor - now more than ever - an affordable luxury to add that special touch to parties and special occasions. We are committed to bringing quality candle performance combined with artisan designs and a sincere and honest attempt to meet your needs and delight you with something above and beyond expectations - whenever possible. This culture has enabled Mountain View Candle Works to survive and thrive in this competitive marketplace.

You’ve discovered the Mountain View Candle Works, the place for great candles.