Duck soap Sponge

A little distraction makes all the difference when bathing your kids. Bath time is way more fun with this duck-shaped sponge, so take advantage, and get your kids cleaner than ever. The amusing shape is just the beginning because this easy to use tool is actually body wash and a sponge combined. As soon as you get it wet, the soap will release. Squeezing a few times will develop thick bubbles on the surface, and give your kids the perfect amount of soap to get the job done. Instead of wondering if suds ever touched their skin, or dreading a large spill of expensive product, assure yourself that they are totally clean, and not one drop is wasted.


Main Benefits

Great look with gentle cleansers and a fruity scent.

All in one solution that provides everything needed to get kids clean.

Creamy lather is full of quality ingredients that condition skin as it is washed.

3-in-1 action will clean, moisturize and gently exfoliate with each use.

Hypoallergenic, anti-microbial sponge makes an attractive alternative to bacteria filled loofahs and other tools.

Captivates and distracts for cleaner bodies.

Allows for self cleaning, but also great for use by a parent.

Totally reusable. Get several uses before replacing, and even use the sponge after the soap runs out.


Patented technology infuses glycerin, olive oil and shea butter right into the sponge material so that it can time release as needed. The hypoallergenic sponge provides the perfect delivery method for this safe and effective body wash, and the rubber ducky styling makes it ideal for any child. Gently cleanse skin, and get your kids squeaky clean without the hassle. They will love playing with the sponge, and because the soap is inside, they won't be able to help getting clean. Each one is totally reusable, and only requires a period of drying before the next use. Once wet with water it will immediately activate, and the SLS-free(sodium laurel sulfate) formula is safe and gentle on any skin. Provide with confidence to any older child, and use with younger kids to make bath time more fun without compromising cleanliness.


Directions For Use

1 Get wet with warm water to activate ingredients.

2 Squeeze to produce bubbles.

3 More squeezes will provide a fluffier lather, or replenish as soap runs out.

4 Once you have suds, wash like normal.

5 One easy step will clean and moisturize at the same time, and the sponge portion will gently scrub and exfoliate.

6 After the bath is done, simply rinse lightly, squeeze out excess, and set aside to dry.

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Includes: (1) duck-shaped sponge and body wash in one


The perfect way to ensure thorough washing when kids are in the tub. The fun duck shape is packed with body wash, so just get wet to clean. Lasts for several uses.


5" x 4.75" x 1"

# Uses

10 or more.




For Children - Recommended for ages 3 and up




Yes. Clean, moisturize, and gently exfoliate.


2 oz

SLS Free


Ergonomic Shape

Yes - curvy shape makes it easy to handle without strain, or grip with small hands.

Paraben Free


Tested On Animals



Glycerin, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol, Olea Europaea (olive) Fruit Oil, Fragrance

Shipping Weight

.5 lbs